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Conquer the Void


Story and Quick Play game modes

Learn more about the world and the main character through the story mode. Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? Why are you hacking your way through waves of enemies? Of course, if you don't care why you're doing it, feel free to jump right into the quick play mode and start slashing away!

Destroy monsters

Destroying monsters is the name of the game. Wave after wave of nasty creatures will roll over you, trying to push you under. Luckily, your equipment and abilities are more than enough to level the field. Hack and slash your way through enemies with your melee attack, toss fireballs around haphazardly, knock enemies away or pull them toward you.

Level up, get new abilities

Anyone who has played an RPG knows how this works. Kill enemies, get experience to level up, get new abilities to destroy more enemies. You can get up to level 10, with a new ability or combo being gained every level. Leap into the air and slam yourself down into a pack of enemies, knocking them away from you. Eventually, you will gain the ability to pull them back toward you by tapping the button again, allowing you to continue slashing away.

Upgrade your weapon, armor, and abilities

Destroying monsters will get you gold, which can be used to purchase a number of upgrades or consumable items. Upgrading your sword will increase the damage of melee attacks, as well as unlock another attack in the melee combo string. Upgrade armor to decrease damage of enemy attacks to help you survive, or buy health potions and extra lives. You can also purchase several miscellaneous upgrades, allowing you to choose how you want to play. For instance, you could purchase upgrades to increase your regeneration rate and your damage with all abilities, then buy mana potions and focus on using abilities to destroy enemies. Or upgrade your sword and armor, allowing you to get in close and slash your way to victory. It's up to you.

Get more powerful, feel more powerful, look more powerful

As you gain new abilities and upgrades, you'll start to feel more powerful. It's important to look more powerful too. In order to fully realize this, upgrades change the look of your character in game. Make your way from a rusty sword up to the mighty Voidblade, adorn your armor with various spikes, and grab the Searing Soul upgrade to start spewing flames from your face.

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