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Conquer the Void

Conquer the Void Free Version Released

and 1.1 Update

The free version of Conquer the Void has been released and is up on the app store! Now

anyone can give it a try!


The free and paid versions of the game have also been updated to version 1.1, which

includes the following:


-New intro added to story mode

-Minor graphical enhancements

-Miscellaneous improvements to story and skills

-Fixed a bug in the Fortress Quick Play level that caused the game to start on the wrong wave


The free version can be downloaded here.


The paid version is available here.

Conquer the Void Release Date Announced!


The game is up on the App Store, here's a link:


The game is finally finished, uploaded to the app store, and ready to go! And only two and a half months late! But that's pretty much on time in terms of game development, right? I made a video of me playing the game on an iPad 2 and explaining some of the systems, which I'll link below. Here's some quick info if you don't care to sit through it:


Release Date: January 21

Platforms: iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4s or newer

Price: $1

NO In-App Purchases

~1 hour 45 minutes to complete Story mode on normal, ~30-40 minutes per Quick Play


If you think the game looks interesting, do me a favor and spread the word. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Progress Update

Just wanted to provide a quick update on the progress of the game and the moved release date(which was a guess to begin with). I've spent the past couple weeks ironing out the bugs, including a particularly complex one involving the save system, which is the main reason the release date is being moved back.


At this point, all of the bugs I am aware of have been fixed. For the next couple of weeks I'll be playing through the game along with my testers, working on game balance and optimizations, as well as continuing to look for bugs and fixing them of course. My new tentative release date is Nov. 1, though at this point it could be any time. I will of course post a news update when it is done.


In the meantime, I'm posting a new screenshot of the game. You can head over to the IndieDB profile to view more. I'm also going to try to film a video of the game being played on device to show what it will look like playing it, how well it runs, etc. That should be happening in the somewhat near future. Stay tuned!

Conquer the Void Trailer Released!

The game is feature complete, and I'm currently hard at work stomping out bugs. I'm hopeful for the official release to be within the next month or two. In the meantime, here's a trailer showing the game in action. Head over to the Info page for more game details.

Conquer the Void Announced!

Conquer the Void, our flagship title, is on its way! What is it you ask? Conquer the Void is an iOS action/RPG hybrid developed with the Unreal engine in the vein of hero defense custom maps found in some of your favorite RTS's. Slash and blast your way through enemies. Level up to obtain new abilities and combos. Upgrade your weapon and armor. Hunt down the man who made you what you are. Then have a pleasant conversation with him. Or destroy him. Whatever.


We are currently working hard on getting the story finished, then its on to beta. We are targeting summer 2013 for release to all iOS devices. Head over to the CtV Info page for more stuff. Here's a couple pictures to whet your appetite.

Ignore the odd HUD colors, these are due to texture compression and are correct on the device(red for health, etc). More pictures and gameplay videos to come!

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