Release Update

I have some unfortunate news to share. While the game was supposed to be released today, Friday, June 11th, it will not be. Steam has rejected multiple builds that I've sent them, citing "crashing issues." This is beyond baffling to me, as myself and 5-10 other playtesters have been playtesting the game for months with nary a crash in sight. I myself have been testing on Steam for months with no issues.


That brings us to the release date. I can't set one, because it will be dependent on a build passing on Steam's end, and the generic reasons they've been giving me for it not passing are not exactly helpful. On top of that, a submitted build sits in a queue for several days, adding to the problem.


I will continue to work as hard as I can to get a build through in the coming weeks. I apologize for the mess, but this whole thing has really blindsided me.

Finally, after more development time than I care to think about, the game is basically finished and ready for release! That being said, there are still a number of miscellaneous tasks that need to be wrapped up, like the creation of achievements, updating trailers/art in several places, and the like.

I'm currently targeting mid/late May for the official Steam release. You can visit the Steam store page here to wishlist the game so you don't miss it!

Struggle for Talyria Officially Announced!

Struggle for Talyria is a 2D JRPG set in the land of Talyria, a world so acquainted with war that peace seems an unattainable dream.


The historically aggressive, industrious humans of Veltara are forever crossing blades with the cave-dwelling Delvirinn. The reasons for the conflict have been lost in time, and the war is now simply a fact of life for both sides, further fueled by greed and revenge killings that claim life after life.


At the same time, myths and legends from the past are materializing at an increasing and alarming rate. What does it mean? And what part will they play in the times to come?


Find out when Struggle for Talyria releases on PC in early 2021!


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